Ordering, Payment & Delivery

How to Order

You can get in touch with us from July 2023 onwards when we will begin reserving orders for next winter

Our bare root trees are lifted and dispatched from the end of November to Early March. But it is best to get in touch with us earlier in the year (July onwards) to reserve your selections as there is a lot of demand and some of our stock will be sold well before the delivery season commences.

Because we are so specialised and diverse, we don’t offer a click-and-collect or shopping cart option as it would be too difficult to keep track of our stock. Orders can be placed over the phone or via email. Minimum order value €100 excluding delivery. We don’t sell rootstocks, scionwood or any other grafting materials and we don’t ship overseas.

Email is the best way to order. You can make a list of all the varieties you would like, the quantities, preferred rootstock etc. and we will check for availability before confirming the order. It is difficult to keep the website updated on the rootstock that each variety is available on but as a general rule most apples varieties are available on either MM106, MM111 while a few are on M26. Our Plums and Pears are grafted onto St Julian A and Quince A respectively.

How to Pay

Once your order is confirmed we can accept payment via credit or debit card. We also accept postal orders and bank drafts. If you would like to pay via electronic bank transfer please let us know and we will forward on our details.


We use a courier service to transfer our goods. Costs are confirmed at the time of delivery but as a general guide we can ship around 10 large bare rooted trees for €15. We don’t deliver outside the island of Ireland.

strawberries bunch

Collection / Visits

Please note, this is a very busy enterprise and we can’t encourage callers.  Collection of large orders can be arranged, but this is very strictly by prior appointment only.

Conditions of Sale

All our plants are checked prior to delivery to ensure that they are in a very healthy condition. We accept that plants can be damaged in transport and we ask our customers to check all goods carefully on arrival and to contact us with any queries within 3 days.

Heights, yields, flowering/harvesting times are approximate, flavour notes are subjective. The Heritage Fruit Tree Nursery will not accept liability for failures due to bad planting practices, drought, waterlogging, incorrect staking, unsuitability of site or for any latent diseases which may be present but not detected at the time of sale.