Choosing Apple Trees

Choosing Apple Trees can be confusing. Below is some information that might help you based on your soil and site.

Self-fertile apple trees will produce fruit without the aid of a pollination partner.

* Indicates a variety that is ‘partially self-fertile’. It will produce more fruit with another tree nearby.

Acklam Russet


Allington Pippin *

Annie Elizabeth *

Arthur Turner *

Bismarck *

Ballinora Pippin(Monarch)

Charles Ross *

Christmas Pearmain

Crawley Beauty


Devonshire Quarrenden *

Egremont Russet *

Ellisons Orange *

Empire *

Epicure *

Fiesta *

Gladstone *

Golden Delicious

Golden Spire

Greensleeves *

Grenadier *

Howgate Wonder *

James Grieve *

Keswick Codlin *

King of the Pippins *

Kingston Black (Cider) *

Lanes Prince Albert *

Laxtons Superb *

Lord Derby *

Lord Lambourne *

Michelin (Cider)

Newton Wonder *

Opal *

Peasgoods Nonsuch *


Red Devil

Red Windsor (Red Alkmene)

Reverend W Wilks *

Saint Edmunds Pippin *




Tydemans Early Worcester *

Worcester Pearmain *

Yarlington Mill (Cider)*